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We are planning our reopen to may but unfortunately we can't do it without your help. We were forced to close in october and we are struggling to keep alive.

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Non-Restaurant & Bar

Pedro Limão, who lends his name to the project, takes after his paternal grandmother. From early on, the frantic environment of Mrs. Helena's kitchen marked what would be the passion and fate of the Chef in charge of this “non-restaurant”.

His cuisine is strongly based on tradition, genuine knowledge, local produces and the vision and experience resulting from a life dedicated to food that translates into the concept: emotion, sharing, achieving a balance between pleasure and the stomach in a totally different Environment, that can be compared to your house dinning room. We give preference to small produce businesses, to exclusive, organic and bio raw-materials, extending this reasoning to our selection of wines as well.

Wednesday - Saturday: 19:30 - 23:00


We’re not an accommodation with a restaurant, but rather a restaurant with an accomodation... Those choosing to stay at Pedro Limão know the focus of their experience will be cuisine rather than facilities.

We work to ensure the dynamics between board and lodging are ”out of the box” and, drawing upon this, it’s possible, for example, to request that a 10-course tasting menu be served to you in the comfort and privacy of your apartment, amongst other solutions.

Please, let us know your ideas.
Our studios with or without independent rooms, terraces or garden open by large windows to light and cityscape, at a great location in what is already considered the ”new arts neighbourhood” in the city’s East side, where endless interesting undertakings are happening.


Since 2010, we've been striving to make your ideas come true. Whether it's the desire to gather friends around the table for an intimate dinner, prepared themselves at the workshop with the Chef, or the most elaborate wedding’s reception. Up to a limit of 100 people, anything's possible and, upon availability, the experience can be combined with a stay at the studios.

Pedro Limão - Eventos
Pedro Limão - Eventos
Pedro Limão - Eventos
Pedro Limão - Eventos

We’ll be happy to execute an original idea: a surprise party, the company's Christmas dinner, a family reunion.

We’ll also have a calendar with one-off events you can subscribe to: thematic dinners, concert dinners, launches, and national and foreign partnerships.


Non-Restaurant Opening Hours

Wednesday - Saturday: 19:30 - 23:00

Restaurante Pedro Limão
R. do Morgado de Mateus 51-53,
4000-334 Porto

+351 966 454 599 / +351 225 360 451ão